About Ted’s Meds Therapeutic Balms

As an acupuncturist I work with many people that have acute and chronic pain of various types. Traditional Chinese medicine has a rich history of Chinese herbs that treat pain. With teds-meds pain relief and therapeutic balms, we use the power of Chinese herbs to help people with acute and chronic pain relief. Formulas for other issues will be coming soon.

I have designed these formulas as a topical therapeutic balm to directly penetrate the area of pain. Using my own tinctures of Chinese herbs, I have made my own formulas which I thought would benefit the most common conditions, and are also based on classic formulas to help decrease pain, and heal the body.

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The Chronic Pain Relief formula provides immediate relaxing and calming effects for joint pain from such conditions as osteoarthritis and tendonitis. It is my ‘original’ formula that works for the majority of people with chronic pain.

The Acute formula is great for muscle pain with cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, for sprained muscles, post operation, and may also be used in conjunction with the chronic pain formula.

The Lower Back Ease formula is penetrating, warming and stimulating comfort for lower back pain. People with chronic mild pain and stiffness will feel like a moving and relaxing feeling in the lower back, forgetting there was any problem in the first place. Stretching and then lying down will move and help these conditions. Adrenal fatigue and mild trauma that compresses the spine are indications for this formula.

Joint immobilization for 1-2 hours is most effective for a noticeable improvement of relief and function. Applying these balms before bed will allow you to relax all of your joints throughout the night. Who knows, you may even sleep better.


For any of these conditions that people may experience, doing stretches, conditioning exercises and improved diet are key to improved function and a more comfortable life.

In working with patients, I saw that usually their pain was located in one or two areas of the body. I saw that ingesting- or drinking herbs- would not be able to focus their effects in those areas that were a problem to them. This process of drinking herbs, did not specify it’s intended action- on the painful area.

Because of the non-specific action of drinking herbs, I realized a topical application on the skin would be the perfect solution; the way to treat their pain in a direct manner. I then made my own tinctures of many herbs and started doing research into the specific functions and pharmacological actions of herbs onto various pain receptors (see science link). (and neural pathways that registered afferent responses). I then saw that these techniques could be used with traditional formulas, as well as my own custom formulas for pain, and possibly more formulas for other issues. (More on that soon.)

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The other aspect of an effective topical is the idea of the substances (herbs) penetrating the skin. Emu oil is an excellent way to allow the herbs to go through the skin and acting like a transdermal to produce their function. There is usually an immediate relaxing response to the herbs, and if you can stop moving that certain joint for 1- 2 hours, the action of the formula will be able to have an effect beneath the skin- to the connective tissue level. There will be less pain, and a general relaxation in that area.

My mission is to heal and reduce the pain of the world. This is what every healer does, and teds-meds therapeutic balms is a part of that intention and tradition.